How to Sculpt Your Brain with Essential Oils

Paul R. Scheele has this to say about his experience with essential oils:

“Twelve years ago, a business colleague came to me and asked if I could use my brainwave analyzer (EEG) to notice what happens when she used essential oils. She had suffered a traumatic head injury and her neurologist said there was nothing she could do, that she would be schizophrenic and uneducable. But she noticed when she inhaled and applied Frankincense essential oil, she could think clearly, learn, and read. On my machine, her brainwaves showed these improved capabilities, quite dramatically.

Last year I was privileged to conduct a study with an essential oil distillate of Boswellia Sacra, “Sacred Frankincense,” with the first liter to be exported from Oman in the last 2000 years. Twelve subjects were tested before and after use of the oil and studied over the period of 1 month while diffusing and applying the oil. My findings were presented last year to 5000 people at the Young Living Grand Convention in Salt Lake City. The results were amazing to me and I’ve been diffusing Sacred Frankincense in my home, office, and seminars ever since. It supports me in keeping a more capable brain.”